Classic juke joints found at rural crossroads catered to the work force. Workers needed a place to relax and socialize following a hard week. Juke joints offered food, drink, and dancing for weary workers. MOJO BONES is an urban manifestation of the “juke,” and synonymous with the food and beer joints of the past. MOJO serves BBQ, beer and liquor, and features a small bandstand cornered by a juke box. In the southeastern U.S., rural juke joints may be a thing of the past, but MOJO BONES, with its roots in blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass and outlaw country, keeps the tradition alive and well!

So while you’re eating great BBQ and/or enjoying a cold beverage, you can also enjoy MOJO LIVE. MOJO BONES offers a variety of live entertainment in the evenings that bring the best local and regional blues, folk, and jazz acts to the stage. MOJO BONES showcases international blues stars, and local up and comers that really put the juke joint feel into the evenings here.

Some of the royalty of blues who have thanked me for keeping the music alive on the MOJO STAGE.

Some of the best have performed on the MOJO STAGE.

And of course, all the local people that continue to make the weekends great all year long.